About us

Prima 91 is established in 1991 in Bulgaria - Vetrino (Varna district). At the beginning, the company provided transportation services only on the territory of Bulgaria. Since 1998 , Prima 91 began to perform international deliveries.

The company is specialized in the international transport mainly on the territory of the European Union and Turkey. Prima 91 is registered in Bulgaria, but has a warehouse and service facilities not only in Bulgaria but also in Germany. In relation to this the company provides all year-round specialized services for trucks on-site, and also a mobile service in case of need.

Prima 91 owns a fleet of over one hundred tractors and trailers. The Trailers are of mega and varios type with curtain sides which allows loading from all sides plus the top. They are all XL certified, reinforced and fully equipped which allows us to transport a diversity of loads.

The company has annual CEMT permits and licenses for the transportation of waste in Germany, the UK, Benelux and Denmark, which contributes to the greater flexibility when taking specific requests.

In accordance with our long experience and long-term cooperation with major European freight forwarders, our main objective is to reach the highest level in the quality of the transport services, accuracy and honesty.

Our well trained team, with years of experience behind the back, is able to solve problematic and unexpected situations and also to give adequate information for your goods at any time during the delivery.

The fleet of Prima 91 is traceable 24/7 thanks to last generation GPS tracking system implemented. With regards to emergency deliveries the system allows an authorization of access to shipment tracking. At any time after the loading you can check the position of the truck and know where exactly your goods are. Your access is guaranteed anytime and anywhere as only requirement for you is to have email access.  

As a long-standing transporter Prima 91 values and strives to long-term cooperation. We are aware we owe our development and growth mainly to our good partnerships and professional team!