Prima 91 relies on new technologies.


- When was your company established how long is it on the market and with what kind of transport it deals nowadays?

- The company was founded in 1991 in Vetrino, Varna district. It deals with transport, as a main activity, since 1994. At the begging, Prima started with a container transport in Bulgaria. At 1998 it began to deal with international shipments, first to neighboring countries - Greece, Turkey and Serbia. After 2001, the main transport switches to Western Europe, and after the entry of Bulgaria into the European Union- mainly internal trips in Europe.  Since 2012, the company expanded its activities by creating two bases in Germany - in the northern and southern part, which reduces the need for regular trips to Bulgaria for service.

- How and why you were oriented into transport with trucks?

- I have a Bachelor degree of Management. My secondary education is an internal combustion engine. Transport is my heritage and passion – since I was a child, I spent my time side by side with the mechanics and around the trucks in the garage.  In short, my childhood had passed with the trucks. My current job is as an operative manager of the company, founded by my father. The work is dynamic, full of challenges and meetings with different people. What keeps me going straight is that I still see a variety of opportunities for the company development and a lot of innovation, which I want to implement in the working process.

- What are the main destinations on witch you work at the moment, what kind of transport you do and what kind of loads?

- Our fleet operates throughout all Europe. Mostly we convey conventional cargoes - complete and partial deliveries. The main destinations we serve between Germany and the other European countries. Most of the compositions drive on relations Germany - Sweden - Denmark, which was crucial for the establishment of a base of the company in Northern Germany, where the vehicles could pass maintenance checks or to be serviced when needed. Trucks working on relations Germany to Southwest Europe or to UK are being periodically checked at our base in Southern Germany.

- With how much and what kind of trucks and trailers you operate?

- The company fleet consists of over more than 50 trucks complying to environmental standards Euro-5 and about 50 semi trailers from the brands Schmitz, Krone and Kögel. The brands on which we rely for our trucks are DAF, Mercedes and Iveco - as one of the most proven brands in the market, with the most competitive prices and low fuel consumption. We have single newly purchased trucks MAN and Volvo's , with the idea to define the advantages and disadvantages of the other competing brands on the market.

After years of analysis the performance indicators of various brands, however, our favorite for the trucks remain DAF XF 105 460 hp, and from the trailers- we count on  Schmitz.


- Do you have your own freight forwarding and logistics activity?

- The company is mainly oriented to activities directly related to transport. This is the reason we avoid forwarding activities. Our longtime partners are recognized throughout all Europe and we fully trust them. When we need a side or single load, we use several Bulgarian forwarders, with which we came to a good mutual cooperation in the recent years.


- What is the number of the drivers and office personnel you work with? What do you use mostly couple or single driving?

- In administration and service the company are employed over 20 people with extensive experience and proven professionalism. At the moment, the company is providing a permanent employment to more than 100 drivers. We are in the process of recruiting new personnel. We plan to hire about 20 more drivers in relation to the expansion of our activities. Drivers operate mainly on single ride, but there are several routes on which we need and still keep couple drivers at one truck.


-What are your near future plans for the company development?

- In short term we plan to renewal our fleet. We are oriented to new destinations research, including expanding the company's activities to new growing markets. In general, the company has focused its attention on technological development - new equipment, introduction of an IT system, as well as developing the human resources through various programs for development and qualification.


Lychezar Apostolov